World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Before playing on a server, be sure to have information about that server


Before playing on a server, be sure to have information about that server


What features should a server have?

In this section we will mention some features:

1. General features:

  1. It has an ideal ping so that you can play on this server in suitable conditions with a ping of 25.
  2. Good and experienced support team
  3. Avoiding issues such as Add item, which is the biggest problem for Iranian servers, and preventing the support of certain individuals and groups
  4. The server must be strong in terms of hardware capability

2. Server quality features:

  1. – High percentage of server is fixed
  2. Spells, quests and باید should work best.
  3. Dungeon finder at its best.
  4. The beautiful Wintergrasp game is available.
  5. The important icecrown citadel is in its ideal position.
  6. And…

3. Security features:

  1. The server must have anti-cheat
  2. Anti-Kiel: If the boss is killed abnormally, it will not give items.
  3. Anti-spam: Prevent annoying consecutive messages.
  4. Warden System: Detects a hack program even before use.
  5. Etc

4. Site features:

  1. All user features: some of them may be free and some require a game card.
  2. Complete store
  3. Ability to purchase a special account
  4. Professional Dialogue Forum

5.Other features:

  1. Wintergrasp announcer system reports the start time of Wintergrasp game on the server as Announce
  2. Arena announcer system Report the arrival of Arena teams
  3. Bg announcer system reports the entry of players to Battle Grand.
  4. jail system
  5. And other issues such as account security and financial issues and so on




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