World Of Warcraft training

Achievement Training Sapphiron’s Demise (10 player)

Achievement Training Kel’Thuzad’s Defeat (10 player)

achievement training Earth – Wind – Fire (10 player) Archavon the Stone Watcher ، Emalon the Storm Watcher and Koralon the Flame Watcher Defeat each other for 60 seconds in 10-player mode.

Achievement Tutorial The Twilight Destroyer (10 player) You must defeat Halion Boss in a 10-player Ruby Sanctum ounce .

Achievement Training The Arachnid Quarter (10 player) You must defeat several Naxxramas bosses in 10-player mode. 1- Anub’Rekhan 2-Grand Widow Faerlina 3-Maexxna

Achievement Tutorial Besting the Black Dragonflight (10 player) Defeat Sartharion in The Obsidian Sanctum in 10 mode by bringing the blue add-ons that are at the top of the fight to the front of the boss.

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