World Of Warcraft training

Learn Zul’Gurub boss tactics The first boss: High Priest Venoxis is out of the boss room, there is a pot of green material. All members of the group click on a method and enter the room. Good healer

The general system of bosses is almost the same as the old system The first boss is Akil’zon , who has an eagle bag around him. This boss sends a big white eagle to one of the players every few seconds and takes that player into the air. Players should be far enough apart that when someone Lightning Bolt , no one is close to them until the person is...

Boss tactics Anub’Rekhan – naxxramas Ride layout for 10 people: In this situation, you should have 2 or 3 tanks, but of course, if you want to go with 2 tanks, they should be absolutely good tanks, and usually 2 or 3 hellers are enough. DPSs like Rog and Paladin that have the ability of province (stun) are a better choice!

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