World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

  Complete list of game master commands used in Word F Warcraft game servers Game master commands or so-called game master commands are among the advantages that game master in wow game can use these commands to the extent of its rank to fix bugs or problems, help the player, speed of action in the game, understand the information you need and Servers and players and countless other items

  In this post, I want to explain the settings that are commonly used for private game servers, that by changing the values ​​in this file, you can have what you want about your server.

  Video tutorial for building a wow server, the new version of Azerothcore on VPS

  Today, we have prepared both practical and fun tutorials for you, of course, it’s up to you to use this tutorial for, for example, a boss, or if it’s like my tutorial.

  Autobroadcast is a system that automatically sends messages to the server, but to change and activate this you have to write the code name and color for the database, which requires programming knowledge.

  Today’s important tutorial is about realizing two or more world of warcraft servers, that we have to do a series of things that are not very complicated and you can easily realm your server two or more realms, whether in one patch or different patches. Note: This tutorial is for both the AzerothCore and TrinityCore versions, but since we need to recompile the server in TrinityCore and it takes...

  Our important tutorial today is about making the World of warcraft server and the Teamspeak server online. You can provide a server online in two ways after installation.

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