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  Find Time-Lost by watching this video

  World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer Let’s see the beautiful video from the trailer of Mists of Pandaria:

  داستان خشم لیچ کینگ Story of Wrath of the Lich king [ Farsi ] Let’s watch an interesting video of the whole process of the Leach King story.

  World of Warcraft 2021– All Shadowlands Cinematics in ORDER

  The main story of Cataclysm is about the guardian of the earth, Nelsarion, now known as Deathwing, the dragon who intends to destroy the earth. Unlike the previous add-on versions that added a new area to the game and the previous areas remained intact, this time all the farms have undergone many changes and new and interesting areas have been added to the game and next to it. Many...

Lich King in Blizzard! The soul of Nerzol was sent to Narthrand in the form of a mysterious crystal, this piece of ice increased his consciousness tens of thousands of times until he was captured by the power of Kyle Jiden. Ork was no longer the Nerzol that was destroyed, the Lich King , a creature created with very deep powers

cinematic Wrath of The Lich King HORDE : Consisting of five races called, undead, Orc, tauren, troll and blood elf Alliance : Consists of five races named dwarf, draenei, gnome, human, night elf

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