World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Continue learning how to make Jeeves items

Continue learning how to make Jeeves items

To keep the page from getting heavy, see the pictures here, and another point is that, to make Jeeves , you need items, including:

tip : To make high items, you need raw materials to make the above items. These items include:

  • To drop this item, we have provided both video and images for you . Pay attention to the images or video below so that you do not go wrong.

  • Click on Requires as shown below.

  • The last case is the Scrapbot Construction Kit item , which you need to make to make this item , and you have to go to the first area where I said you have to draw my target’s in the area where I put it in the picture below (picture below).

  1. Handful of Cobalt Bolts ( 4 )
  2. Overcharged Capacitor ( 5 )

  • Well, so far we can do all the work .

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