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Download AnyDesk software


Download AnyDesk software

AnyDesk program is a remote control program to help and help with problems that you can use to connect to your friends and solve their problems by using the program and by using security and determining access control You can control all the activities of the second person and prevent people from invading your privacy.

If you want to define a password for the program, you can enter a password and security in different ways by entering the security section of the program.

And control the person you want to be connected to your system. You can easily install and run the AnyDesk remote control program, and if you do not want to install it, you can run it as an executable program.

The AnyDesk program connects two computers so you can log in to other people’s computers over the Internet and do something. Thanks to the RSA-2048bit encryption algorithm, this connection is very secure so that the possibility of hacking and third-party abuse of this connection is almost zero, and to run this program, both computers must install a desktop program to connect to each other.

The EniDisk program automatically adjusts the image quality type so that communication between the two computers does not slow down.

This program also has a mobile and PC version of the MacBook and you can easily connect to other devices.



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