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Druid class deformation


Druid class deformation

One of the things that can diversify our game is to change a series of shapes and areas and things that we work with every day in the game server, for example, to change the game graphics version 3.3.5 to higher versions . That can be very attractive to us

In this open post, we have prepared a new case of these interesting changes for you, which you can download by downloading the mpq file that we put below and placing this file in the section: drive computer : / world of warcraft / Data


Your system can change the shape of the following parts, including:

  1. Bear Form : Night Elf
  2. Bear Form : Tauren breed
  3. Cat Form : Both breeds

Note : These files are for the Druid class only

Below you can see images from inside the game after transferring files and deforming the Druid class.



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