World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Learn and download Addons GTFO

Learn and downloadAddons GTFO

An alarm and alarm is a moment that warns you when you are not aware.

Benefits of this additive:

1- It improves your performance in the situation and area you are in, for example, warning against spell buses

2- This add-on is also good for pvp because it warns you about the damage and spells of the opposing team.

3- There are four warning models for shadow

4- Inside the dungeon and instances, it gives you the necessary warnings to repel spells and damage from the boss side.

5- The cover allows you to have the best performance inside the arena

6- Guiding you against the time and time of the spells, for example, warns you about the Sindragosa ice boss spell, how to move and move now.

7- In the arena between you and your teammate, he warns each of you, for example, who should move now

8- Warns you before eating and hitting the shadow and spell

9- If you are riding an npc and you are riding a tank in bg, for example, it warns you that, for example, the tank is in danger and…

Quick commands for Addons:

/gtfoHelp menu
/gtfo options – Set configuration options
/gtfo standby – Suspend/Resume addon
/gtfo version – Show version numbers for your party/raid
/gtfo test – Simulate a high damage alert
/gtfo test2 – Simulate a low damage alert
/gtfo test3 – Simulate a fail alert
/gtfo test4 – Simulate a friendly fire alert






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