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Learn Battered Hilt horde Quests

This sword is a legendary sword that symbolizes the battle with Scourge , which was passed down from generation to generation until Arthas killed the owner of the sword . During the Battle of Eliden) later this lady Lana’thel is killed by Artas and comes back to life as a Scourge

In the same place, during a quest, he corrupts the sword and leaves it there so that he will no longer serve anyone. The reason for this is that looking at him, he remembers his past life, Lana’thel .

During a quest, this sword can be re-illuminated, and at the end, you can take the sword for yourself.

Finishing the quest also gives an achievement called The Sword in the Skull .

Let’s see the steps of Battered Hilt quests together .

We do the quests in the following order:

  1. [80] The Battered Hilt
  2. [80] What The Dragons Know
  3. [80] The Sunreaver Plan / [80] The Silver Covenant’s Scheme
  4. [80] A Suitable Disguise
  5. [80] A Meeting With The Magister / [80] An Audience With The Arcanist
  6. [80] Return To Caladis Brightspear / [80] Return To Myralion Sunblaze
  7. [80D] Reforging The Sword
  8. [80D] Tempering The Blade
  9. [80D] The Halls Of Reflection
  10. [80] Journey To The Sunwell
  11. [80] Thalorien Dawnseeker
  12. [80] The Purification of Quel’Delar
  13. One of:

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