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Learn how to complete the bloodelf pet hunter quest


Your hero is Hunter, so you are expected to always turn on the Trueshot Aura buffer and use MD or Misdirection on the main tank before each mob or boss is pulled, and damage them all to move your aggrow to the main tank. The next issue is Aspect, which of course still happens to me when I burst on Aspect of the Viper !!! So check to be on Aspect of the Dragonhawk .

Important Note : Your Full CD macro comes with Serpent Sting , so you do not need to hit it again!

1. Why choose Hunter?
2. Choosing the right Talent page
3. Hunter stats and how to prioritize
4. Main and secondary glyphs and Gemming 5. Choosing a
Hero Work
6. Different
rotations 7. Important and necessary points

To see the complete Hero Hunter training : refer to the Heroes class training section and then the Hunter class training section on the site.

  1. Why choose Hunter? Very simple hero to start and get acquainted with Wow game – simple and fast roll-up – Awesome PVP (steal kill the rest in BG) and have great maneuver during the game
  2. Choosing the right Talent page: For each raid, it depends on how much you are filling in the meaning in a fight in Serpent Sting . If this time was short, use this Talent.

Otherwise, use the Talent page to save your mana, which uses 2 Rapid Recuperations , which will keep your mana while the Rapid Fire buffer is on. So you reduce your Serpent Sting usage time and increase your DPS.

In order of the quests we do:

  1. [10] Seek the Farstriders
  2. [10] Taming the Beast
  3. [10] Taming the Beast
  4. [10] Taming the Beast
  5. [10] Beast Training





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