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Learn how to do WARLOCK Alliance quests

Learn how to do WARLOCK Alliance quests

WARLOCK means exorcist and covers the lowest level of the item, cloch, which has very scary Rdps and high dps. The things it can get are: one-hand sword, wand, staff. pve and pvp are both great. They can also summon pets to help them in the game.

1- Your Spirit is 3% higher than other Races
2- You get 10% more Reputation than other Races
3- Your expertise when you take Sword is 3 more than other Races
4- Every 2 minutes 1 Once you can clear your Hero from Debuffs that take control of the Hero from you
5- You have the ability to see the Heroes that disappear more easily than other Races


  • Alliance Chain Quest:
  1. For Race Human in StormWind is Gnome in Iron Forge . (Warlock Trainers)
  2. Seeking Strahad : You have to go to The Ratchet in The Barrens
  3. Tome of the Cabal : You have to go to Iron Forge
  4. Tome of the Cabal : The second part where you have to go to the caves of Hillsbrad Foothills and Thousand Needles and take the Quest Item
  5. Tome of the Cabal : Part 3 Go to the location shown
  6. The Binding : which is the last part where you have to summon and kill Felhunter.

Let me give you an explanation about the Gnome class. See, it’s not much different. The quest for the Human class is Gnome.

Quests that we do in order:

Summon Voidwalker Quest (Level 10) :

Human / Gnome :

  1. Ironforge : Gakin’s Summons
  2. Stormwind : Gakin’s Summons
  3. The Slaughtered Lamb
  4. Surena Caledon
  5. The Binding

Summon Succubus Quest (Level 20) :

Human / Gnome :

  1. Gakin’s Summons
  2. Devourer of Souls
  3. Heartswood
  4. The Binding

Summon Felhunter Quest (Level 30) :

Human / Gnome :

  1. Seeking Strahad
  2. Tome of the Cabal
  3. Tome of the Cabal
  4. Tome of the Cabal
  5. The Binding

Infernal Demon Quest (Level 50) :

  1. What Niby Commands
  2. Flawless Fel Essence
  3. Kroshius’ Infernal Core

Doomguard Pet Quest (Level 60) :

  1. The Prison’s Bindings
  2. The Prison’s Casing
  3. Suppression

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