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Learn Netherwing Ledge quests

You can get the beautiful mount of Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake by tapping here .

I hit Qeust myself and took photos of the steps so that we can see pictures of doing quests in this area and this rep together.

Quests that we do together in order:

  1. [70] Kindness
  2. [70] Seek Out Neltharaku
  3. [70] Neltharaku’s Tale
  4. [70] Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress
  5. [70] To Netherwing Ledge!
  6. [70] The Force of Neltharaku
  7. [70G] Karynaku
  8. [70G] Zuluhed the Whacked
  9. [70] Ally of the Netherwing

  • The following images are related to Quest : Kindness

  • The following images are related to Quest : Karynaku

  • One small point: until you complete the Reputation Netherwing and the rep is not Exalted here, the shop from which you can buy the mount will not open on you, as it is clear from the picture, I gave myself the Reputation Netherwing .


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