World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Learn to do Thunderfury Quests

Learn to do Thunderfury Quests

Today we are at your service with another wow tutorial that is our tutorial today on how to do Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker quests to get this beautiful Sword

First of all, you should talk to Highlord Demitrian in the Silithus area , but before that, there should be an item in your bag and bag, namely Bindings of the Windseeker , which is dropped from Baron Geddon ‘s boss in Molten Core .

In total, this item is 2 pieces. The same boss that I said, one is the Garr boss, which one you are dropping now, it does not matter much, only one of the two pieces should be in your Heroton bag and you should bring it with you later, Quest will give you the same npc that you should bring that one piece to.

Well, as usual, I hit the quests myself to see.

We need to do the following quests:

  1. [60] Examine the Vessel
  2. [60R] Thunderaan the Windseeker
  3. [60] Rise, Thunderfury!

To get this one-hand you have to have an item of Bindings of the Windseeker in Begton that is dropped from Baron Geddon or Garr boss in Molten Core ounce

It should be noted that the chance of dropping this item is low!

In the picture below, I added myself so that I could do the quests and take some time

Elementium Bar can be built with engineering job and skill 310

As I explained in the picture, the next item will drop the Garr boss

The last item drops the last boss of this ince, Ragnaros

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