World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Pandaria World Stories – Story of Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft


The controversy between the Alliance and the Hordes led them to open up to another secret land called Pandaria. The members of Pandaria, due to their temperament, joined one of the factions and a fierce war broke out in this land. Ji Firepaw, led by Indigenous members of the Horde, and Aysa Cloudsong, led by Indigenous members of the Alliance.

The skirmish between the two fronts lasted so long that Yashar, thrown out of the surface of the planet Azrath, dropped some of his pieces into Pandaria and merged with a dark force called Sha; A negative force that was strengthened by negative emotions and feelings. The Pandarins had to deal with this problem, but Groush was fully concerned with improving the condition of his army.





Yasharash heart; Powerful tool in the service of Groush

It turned out that Yasharash’s heart lies underground in the same land of Pandaria. In the same way, Groosh gradually came across features from these ancient people. Interestingly, the Grush did not rot like the other Hordes or other races using the power of the ancients. Wade’s force apparently had another effect on Groosh. Groosh used the power of Yasharash’s heart only for his purposes. However, Groosh’s extravagance in conquering new lands led his followers to gradually come to the conclusion that Hord’s way of life was not what Groosh had taken.

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