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Purple Lotus Farm Guide at wow

Purple Lotus is a plant that can beharvested with Herbalism (minimum skill 210)

Purple Lotus is one of the four types of Lotus plants and the most common of these four types of plants. Visually and formally, it looks like a purple and slightly white / green flower close to the ground.

Areas where this plant is found:



1- Ashenvale


2- Azshara


3- Badlands


4- Feralas


5- Stranglethorn Vale


6- Tanaris


7- The Hinterlands



This plant can be effective in jobs that can be mentioned as an ingredient for the following jobs :


  • [Magic Resistance Potion]
  • [Elixir of Greater Water Breathing]
  • [Wildvine Potion]
  • [Philosopher’s Stone]
  • [Dreamless Sleep Potion]
  • [Elixir of Dream Vision]


  • [Cenarion Herb Bag]


  • [Lesser Mana Oil]
  • [Brilliant Mana Oil]


  • [Violet Pigment]
  • [Ruby Pigment]


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