World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Shadowmourne training

To get Shadowmourne you have to go through the following steps:

1: You have to be friends with The Ashen Verdict new facsimile (Friendly),
2: You get a quest from Highlord Darion Mograine and you have to get 25 incredible Primordial Saronite plus 2 item quests from Festergut and Rotface

And finally, for this quest, you have to find the old Artas mace that Frostmourne had before , which is called Light’s Vengeance , this part does not want a raid .

3: Now you have to go with Shadow’s Edge , which is a 2h Ax, and make Professor Potterside’s father with his own chemicals:

4: This part is related to the release of Qamsat 3 icc. You have to go and inflate Prince Blood-Queen Lana’thel . The prince has a power called Blood Mirror .

5: In this part, you have to visit Sindragosa to inflate, of course, you have to expose yourself to Frost Breath 4 times and get healthy, that is, from 37 to 45k live damage.

6: Now you have to defeat the 50 pieces of Shadowfrost Shard crystals that Kiljaiden made to trap the narcissus in the frozen throne and Arthas to conquer the bed and icc with Frostorman Chrysallo. These pieces can be found in icc.

7: This part is a pear, eat all the boss up to 1000 mobs in icc (this is very good)

Quests that we do in order:

  1. [80R] The Sacred and the Corrupt
  2. [80R] Shadow’s Edge
  3. [80R] A Feast of Souls
  4. [80R] Unholy Infusion
  5. [80R] Blood Infusion
  6. [80R] Frost Infusion
  7. [80R] The Splintered Throne
  8. [80R] Empowerment
  9. [80R] Shadowmourne…
  10. [80R] The Lich King’s Last Stand

  • First of all, you should be friends with the new The Ashen Verdict faction (Friendly).

  • As you can see in the pictures below, I added 25 incredible Primordial Saronite to myself with the game master commands so that I can do the quest.

  • This part is a pear, eat all the boss up to 1000 mobs in icc (this is very good)

Click here to see more Shadowmourne training.


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