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Tactic Boss 11 Sindragosa 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 11 Sindragosa 10 man – ICC

Now, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

In 10 me normal there is about 11 million and 100 thousand and in 10 me each hero has something about 14 million HP.
You need at least 2 tanks, one of which must have high Stamina and also Frost resist.
Also 2 to Healer and 6 to Dps with high Gs.
This boss has 3 phases, which I will explain in order.
Phase 1: After you kill 2 Moobs in the middle of the hall, the boss comes down from the sky and Mt catches the boss. The boss should be placed in the middle of the hall, so that the side is towards the stairs. They should be on the side of the boss and not in front of the boss in any way.
Lols of this phase:
Frost aura
3k per 4 sec Frost damage that falls on the whole conflict, which is not too much and does not cause a problem. (In heroic mode 4.5k per sec)
Frost breath
Frost damage 32k that the boss pushes forward and whoever is in front of the boss gives a heavy damage. That’s why you have to attack the boss from the side and not go in front of the boss in any way.
Tail smash
A lull that, if someone hits the back of the boss, hits the boss with its tail and gives that person a bad damage (something around 18K) and throws it around. If no one is behind the boss, there is no problem with this level.
Unchained magic
A level that the boss randomly throws at those who cast and on these people for 15 seconds. This level is such that after each cast a purple Debuff called Instability falls on you for 5 seconds that charges If you cast too much, the charge of this Debuff will also increase and finally it will cause 2 k damage per charge! So after taking this Debuff, stop casting as soon as possible for 5 seconds to put pressure on the healers.
Permeating chill
But Mdps and Hunters have a different Debuff. In this case, after each boss damage , there is a 20% higher chance that this Debuff will fall on you, which will cause you to get 1k Frost damage every 8 seconds. Debuff, like before, after attacking this Debuff, did not attack at all until the end of 5 seconds!
Note : These debuffs are extremely dangerous. So do not charge them more than 7-8 times, otherwise it will lead to 100% wipe.
Belistering cold
But the worst level of this boss. Grab the boss. So if that happens, you have to run in the same direction as your boss! (Heroic mode 45k Frost damage)
Phase 2: In this phase, after the HP boss reaches 85%, the boss goes to the sky every 1:50 minutes and everyone has to speak by the stairs.
Ice tomb: In this phase, the boss marks 2 people who must express themselves at the bottom of the stairs. The others observe the distance from them at the top of the stairs. In this phase, Boss marks 4 places on the ground and throws 4 ice balls at those signs. Only one bullet comes at a time, so it must be placed behind the ice so that it is exactly where the ice is on the ground. You can eat.
Also, if you are not behind the ice, those bullets after hitting the floor of the hall will give you a lot of damage that is enough to kill you. As you are behind the ice, give them Dps to reduce the HP of ice.
Tip 1 : Those who are branded for freezing need to have full HP because they get bad damage when they freeze.
Tip 2 : Do not go to these people at all, because if you are branded with people, you will freeze with them!
Tip 3 : After the ice balls are thrown, the frozen people must be released before the boss foot can reach the ground, otherwise they will lose 8% of their lives every second.
(Although this freezing spell of Vaina in Irgs bug and boss does not hit this spell at all, but I told you to know it completely)
After these events, the boss goes down again and everything becomes the same as phase 1.
Phase 3: After the HP boss reaches 35%, we enter the hard part of the story. In this phase, the senses must be very focused on what is happening.
In the boss phase, the air does not die anymore, but it still marks people and freezes them.
Mystic buffet
Terrible spell that the boss strikes in this phase and after each cast on the Tank, increases the amount of any Spell damge that the Tank eats by 10%!
Those people who are branded should be at a distance of 20-25 yards from the boss, and after freezing, everyone, even Ot, should go behind these frozen people. You should be careful not to freeze with these people. Meanwhile, Rdps should attack the boss. Body and Mdps to Ice.
In this phase, it continues to hit the Frost breath, Belistering cold and Frost aura spells. The tank system in this phase is such that Mt, after taking a few stacks of this Debuff, must come behind the ice and empty this stack. You have to hold the Ot boss until Mt empties the stack and returns, and then the Otm empties the stack and returns, and so on. Tanks do not receive large amounts of Damage from the boss spells and survive!
Tip 1 : Keep everything you have for this phase and use it in this phase!
Tip 2 : Heroeism should be used in this phase.
Heroic mode : In Heroic mode, there is no extra level and only the damage of its level is different and increases a little.


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