World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Tactic Boss 6 Rotface 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 6 Rotface 10 man – ICC

Well, for 10 people, 2 tanks, and for 25 people, 2 tanks, the cliché system is the same and there is not much difference. There are 4 hoses around the battlefield, one of which comes out of green sludge every 20-30 seconds. Because it slows down and it attacks terribly

And every 20 seconds, the boss targets one and spits. Slime Spray

  • The whole point of this boss is that it throws a debuff on you called Mutated Infection

When you take this Dibaf, you attack and you get 50% less heal for 12 seconds, and if 12 seconds are over or they dispel, a small oze sticks to you, you have to stay away from the others, because if someone eats it, it will boom and you will not be killed! Because he is too young!

So what is the solution ?! Nothing

You have to wait for someone else to be like this and you cling to it until the little oze yehu gets big and the OT has to catch it quickly and get away from the reed. He’s big

DPS should only be given to the boss.


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