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Tactic Boss 7 Professor Putricide 10 man – ICC

Tactic Boss 7 Professor Putricide 10 man – ICC

Professor or PP is one of the bosses that level a lot and needs a lot of attention, which in 9 normal mines has 9 million 700 thousand and in 10 min each hero has 13 million 600 thousand HP.

You definitely need 2 Tanks, 6 Dps and 2 Healer Horns!
Enrage for 10 minutes and kill everyone quickly.
This bus has 3 phases:
Phase 1 (from 100% to 80% HP)
Capabilities of this phase:
  1. Slime Puddle : A boss that level with the boss and forms a pool of green liquid on the ground and grows as it does, causing damage of 4.5k per second.
  2. Unstable Experiment : A 2.5-second cast time level that causes a Moob to come from one of the green or orange liquid sources.
Phase 2 (from 80% to 35% HP)
Capabilities of this phase:
  1. Choking Gas Bomb
  2. Malleable Goo : From time to time, the boss creates a green ball that I feel like a ball! In the same way, it hits the ground and the air goes to reach its target, which are usually Healers or Casters, causing you to do 15K damage and reducing the amount of cast time by 15% for 15 seconds !!!
Note: Phase one spells are stirred in this phase
Phase 3 (from 35% to 0% HP)
Boss pipes in this phase:
  1. Mutated Plague : A level in this phase in which the boss touches the tank that Agro touches and has no special effect on the tank itself. , 3 charges = 1200 damage, 4 charges 2900 damage, 5 charges = something about 7k damage. !!!
  2. Mutated Strength : A level that hits the boss on itself and increases the boss Damage and Attack speed by 50%!
Note: In this phase,Malleable Goo and Choking Gas Bomb will be stirred.
Important Note: Every time he wants to change the phase, the boss swings called Tear Gas , where everyone falls asleep for 20 seconds. During this time, the boss goes to his desk to change the phase, and this swing does not damage it at all, so this swing We see it twice during the killing of this boss.
Method of engagement:
First you see the boss on his desk, which anyway before starting Ot goes to the table where the boss is working, clicks and turns into something like the Festergut boss only in a smaller size !!!
This creature is called Mutated Abomination or Abom for short.
Abom Abilities:
It has 3 levels:
  1. Eat Ooze : A lull by which he can collect and eat the pools of green water created by the boss.
  2. Regurgitated Ooze : With this level, you can reduce the speed of the created Moobs by 50% and illuminate a damage of 6k per 2 sec.
  3. Mutated Slash : similar to a bunch, it can attack the boss or Moobs. Also, after hitting this level, Physical resist reduces its target by 4%, which is also charged 5 times, so in total, it is reduced by 20% !!!
Note : To use level 2 and 3, Abom must have eaten water from the ground by level 1, otherwise it can not use these 2 levels!
After this conversion, Mt kills the boss and the fight must start. Mt must place the boss in the specified location as shown in the image below.
During phase 1, after each Unstable Experiment , a Moob comes first. There is always a green Moob called Volatile Ooze (or Vola for short) and an orange Moob called Gas Cloud (or Gas for short).
After Vola arrives, he waits for a few seconds and one of the players hits the target randomly (except for Tank and Abom, of course) and starts moving towards his target.
Note : Vola’s target can not shake Josh, but he can use his lol.
Everyone has to wait for Vola’s goal to be determined and for them not to be. Then everyone goes ahead and starts attacking.
How to place Reed after coming to Vola:
Note : This Moob must be destroyed as soon as possible, because if it reaches its goal, it will release a lot of damage, which is enough to kill that person and damage the sides!
If Vola reaches his goal, he will explode and set another goal again and continue the story
After killing Vola, the boss cuts the Unstable Experiment again , and this time an orange Moob comes from the orange source. This Moob also waits for a few seconds, then determines its purpose and ..
Note: The difference between Vola and Gas is that the Vola target can not move, but the Gas target can move and rotate the Moob in the hall until the others kill it.
How to place the reed when Gas comes in, as well as how to move the Vola target:
Note : Reed should be placed so that if Vola wants to come under the orange source, and if Gas wants to come under the green source, you will get more distance from the Moobs and you will have more time to hit them.
Very important point: after the arrival of each of the Moobs, Abom must come to them and start slowing and attacking them, and he will not move away from them until these Moobs are destroyed.
If Gas reaches its target, it starts charging a Debuff, which if it reaches 10, it will explode and kill its target, and again a new target and…
Phase 2: In this phase, the boss throws orange bombs next to it, which must be removed as soon as possible, because the Tank has a very heavy damage.
Healers and casters should be aware of malleable Malleable Goo that if they see it, it will come to them empty space so as not to hit them.
In this phase, Vola and Gas are still in between and we have to hit them like the previous phase to enter phase 3
In phase 3, the issue of life and death in Mayun! The boss changes its shape and the amount of damage it does increases.
  1. In this phase, there is no more news about Abom, so if the boss creates water holes, there is no one to eat them and destroy them, so these holes are getting bigger during this phase to cover the whole hall.
  2. The boss throws a debuff on the tank, which charges and gives more damage per second for each charge.
In this phase, Ot must come to the aid of Mt so that Reed can put the second put under the Debuffs.
Also, if the tank that has these Debuff packages dies, the 300k boss per charge! It heals, so Reed healers must finish the stone in this phase.
The tank system in this phase is such that Mt must move the boss exactly next to the wall (it does not matter from the green or orange source) and all Dps do their best to kill the boss as soon as possible after Mt has two charges from Mutated Plague should announce to get Ot bus and he will get two charges…
Note:Heroism should be used in phase 3, use whatever you have in this phase.
A very important point and mine:
The Mage class has a level called Invisibility and the Rogue class has a level called Vanish . Use these levelers that I told you to use, and after the boss hit the tear gas, get out of the unseen state of sand and attack the boss body. These attacks help the boss hit much faster, so be sure to do it, especially before the boss Lamb in phase 3.
Heroic Mode: In Heroic mode, when the boss level the Unstable Experiment , both the green and orange Moobs appear at the same time, which must first turn green, then orange.
Also, in this case, the bus does not hit tear gas between any other phases, so you should be aware of the HP bus.


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