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The legendary language of tours in wow

The legendary language of tours in wow

Taur-ahe or Taurahe Taurus is pronounced “taur-AH-heh.” Tavern language is often harsh and quiet. The words announced by Blizzard are not as many for this breed as some other breeds.

Shu’halo = means the same tavern in their own language

An’she = Sun.

Mu’sha = month

Apa’ro = The giant white deer Malorne who was the king of all nature

Echeyakee = white fog, but attributed to an animal that is the king of Savannah cats.

Isha_Awak = means deep destruction but this is attributed to an animal king of its own race





Ishamuhale = means the spear tooth of a reptile that summons with a quest

Lakota’mani = Earthquake attributed to a Kodo

Owatanka = means blue hit attributed to a blue Thunder Lizard

Washte_Pawne = means a smooth bite attributed to a Wind Serpent

Lar’korwi = means sharp fork attributed to an animal

Una’fe = Refuge means the name of a Tavern camp


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