World Of Warcraft training

World Of Warcraft training

Video tutorial on building a wow server using TrinityCore


In this post, we are going to teach you how to build a TrinityCore version server in both text and image, and most importantly, in video and step by step, and programs and databases are very easily prepared for you in one folder and together. We made it possible for you to easily set up a server and at the same time lightly set it up.

In the previous post, we completely taught you how to install the Azerothcore version, and in this post, we taught you how to install the world of warcraft server, the TrinityCore version.

I have prepared a video for you, and in the first step, before you read the text tutorial below, watch this video to prepare for a round to find out in which step and what tutorial I am explaining.




You need several programs to install the server, I have prepared all these programs in one folder for you, which you can download together.

Click on a folder to download all the programs needed to build a world of warcraft server .

File password:

But if you want to download it yourself for windows:

  1. Visual Studio version 2019 Community
  2. CMake version 2.8 or later
  3. Git Extensions
  4. MySQL Server Community Edition (version 8.0 or 5.7, older versions not supported)
  5. Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64)
  6. Microsoft Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)
  7. OpenSSL version 1.0.x or 1.1.x (do not install Light version)
  8. Boost



Note : Since the support team of this choir is updating and updating daily and even hourly, it is possible that the installation of this choir will change a little in the future.

But I have an update that I installed in the videos above and the installation time of this post and videos is on 2021-07-15, so I will leave the version of this day for you here as well, if you see this post in the coming days and years, and You wanted to install this chorus, you can also use this version, but try to use the main site and the updated version, but if for any reason there was a problem in the installation or there were changes in the installation, download this version.

Click to download the TrinityCore version on 2021-07-15.

Note : Be sure to watch the AzerothCore server video tutorial to install the programs carefully, because to install the following programs:

  1. MySQL server
  2. OpenSSL
  3. CMake
  4. Visual Studio
  5. Notepad
  6. SQLyog

I did not explain the installation of these programs in the video of this post, and you can watch the video and video tutorial post on building an AzerothCore server to learn how to install the above programs, but I taught the following programs in the video above and in this post.

  1. GitExtensions
  2. boost
  3. advanced system setting


Download source:

To download you can create a folder to store sources. For example, C: \ TrinityCore
Right-click on the folder and select Clone Repository from Git Extensions.
Now enter the information as follows:




Below you can see the installation steps of this program.




Note : When selecting Branch, make sure that TrinityCore is currently running on 2 versions 3.3.5 and the master patch. If you want the Wotlk patch, select 3.3.5.

Click Clone to start downloading sources. This depends on the speed of your internet connection and usually takes 10 minutes.

Boost installation:

After downloading Boost, we must give the PC the Boost path so that we do not have any problems while compiling.

To do this, right-click on My Computer or Computer or This PC and click Properties, and when the page opens, click on Advance System Settings. You can either enter this section from the Control Panel \ System and Security \ System address, or you can enter the sysdm.cpl command from the Run section to enter the following section directly:

Then click on Environment Variables and after clicking, a window like the one below will open


Then click on Environment Variables and after clicking, a window like the one below will open


After opening, click on New and enter the Boost path as shown below.
Make sure you enter the Boost path and its folder name correctly.
Do the same at the bottom (System variables).


In the picture below, Rahel is fully explained and numbered.

Setting up a server database:

In the first step you need to install mysql-community-5.7 and fill in the following fields as:

Host Name / Ip Address: or Localhost

Port: 3306 (Tip: Enter any other port you like here and I suggest you change this default port and set another number)

Username: root

Password: In this section, try to use a strong password.

In the next step, you have to install the SQLyog-13.1.7 program, and then click on the new option and choose a name for yourself. After this step, you will fill in all the fields that you filled in above in mysql-community-5.7 in this program. Replace.

The following images are from the first step of installing the program to setting up the server database.





The pictures below are also related to making the necessary tables.




The pictures below are also related to adding databases in the applications folder, which I have prepared for you.


Open the Cmake software. Enter your source address from the Browse Source option, and from the Browse Build section, enter the address of the folder where you want your files to be created, which you can see in the pictures and video below.

If your system is 32-bit, open the menu in the Optional platform section and click on x32, but if it is 64-bit on x64
, then select Finish and then Configure and wait for this to be done. After completing Configure, you will see an image like the one below.

Do not change these options, you can only check Tools if you want to create a Map & Vmap extractor.


When done, click on the Open project option or go to the folder we named (I named the server server) and run the TrinityCore file with your compiler software.




From the top menu in Visual Studio, select RelWithDebinfo mode. After selecting the compatible operation, it will usually take between 30 seconds and 30 minutes, depending on your system resources.



When done, if you have done all the steps correctly, the following message will be written at the end of your work and failed must be 0 to create all the files. Now go to server \ Release \ Bin \ and you must enter the following files in Have it:


You must manually add the libssl-1_1.dll, libcrypto-1_1.dll, and libmysql.dll files to this folder, which are located in your Openssl and Mysql installation locations.


For World of warcraft server you need 3 databases Auth, Characters, World. There are Sql files for Auth and Characters in your source folder, SQL section, but I have left a direct link for you so that the cartoon will be easy and just go ahead according to the video I taught.

You can create databases manually or import the file create_mysql.sql (contained in the source folder) into the database or Load SQL file or Excute. This file creates all three databases Auth, Character, World.

To create a database manually, for example in sql, after entering the database, right-click on the input name and create three databases with the names auth, characters and world.

Now you need to import the Auth.sql, Characters.sql, World.sql files into your database. And if there is an uptdate file for them, enter it in the database for each.

Your database is now ready.

Server run:

Now go to TrinityCore \ server \ bin and rename the file as follows.

Open the two files whose name you changed with Not Pad or C ++ Not Pad (which is more convenient) and make changes like the one below.


LoginDatabaseInfo = "; 3306; user; pasword; acore_auth"        
WorldDatabaseInfo = "; 3306; user; pasword; acore_world"       
CharacterDatabaseInfo = "; 3306; user; pasword; acore_characters"


LoginDatabaseInfo = “; 3306; user; pasword; acore_auth ”

At the top, the first user is the username of your database and the password is the password. Change these to your username and password. (If there is an error in this field and the password and username are given incorrectly, the Worldserver.exe and Authserver.exe files will not be able to connect to your database, so be careful to fill it out.)

Now the last step is to add DBC, Map, Vmap files.

To download these files you need mapextractor.exe, vmap4extractor.exe, vmap4assembler.exe. If you checked Tools above when working with Cmake, they are in your bin folder.

Now move mapextractor.exe to your World of warcraft folder and run it. After completing 2 new folders called Map and DBC will be created. Cut them out and add them to the server files (Bin folder).

Now move vmap4extractor.exe, vmap4assembler.exe to the World of warcraft folder.

Create a file with the desired name and the extension bat and put the following code in it. Again, I made your work easier and you do not want to do these steps because in the folder where I prepared the programs for you, these 4 items are also ready. And just copy and paste into your compiled chorus.

That’s it. Well, now in order to make your server public so that others can connect to it and play, all you have to do is go to the auth database with one of the database management software and change the Realmlist to your IP.

Note : To make the wow server and the Teamspeak server public and online, we explained in a separate post that you can click on the link below.





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