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What does glyph mean in wow?

What does glyph mean in wow?

These are abilities that can be built through the job of Inscription , Glyph acts like talent. That is, it either strengthens some magicians or enhances talents.

We have two types of Glyph:

1- Major which has more effect
2- Minor which has less effect
In general, the order of these items by different levels is as follows
: Level 15: 1 Major, 1 Minor
Level 30: 2 Major, 1 Minor
Level 50: 2 Major, 2 Minor
Level 70: 2 Major, 3 Minor
Level 80: 3 Major , 3 Minor These items, in any form, can be installed anywhere
Glyphs are disposable like gems. That is, if you want to install another Glyph, the previous Glyph will disappear.
Glyphs can be deleted if you do not open them. Of course, before use. Glyphs have unique types for each class of the same class.
Major glyphs are more effective in combats.
For example, it increases the amount of damage, or adds stun, or adds Crit to the magic, and… Minor glyphs more, increases the duration of some magic.
For example, the duration of buffs doubles Blessing of Might when you hit it on yourself. That means it increases from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. (This glyph [Glyph of Blessing of Might] is for paladins)
In one sentence, it can be said that
these glyphs do the same thing as talent, but you can buy the glyph from AH in a smaller amount and with the help of an item (changeable talent) , and its price is basically low. Or you can get it from someone who has an Inscription job .


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